Road Trip!

Its been a while since I’ve blogged – apologies to all of my faithful readers, all three of you 😉 – but I’m on vacation now and I suddenly feel like blogging again! Go figure. 

Today I completed the first and longest leg of my road trip to Maine. Nine plus hours in a rental, which was, unfortunately, not a Porsche, and my back and legs were annoyed about all the sitting. The drive was relatively incident free, but I had a close call when I zoomed past a state trooper in NH going well over the speed limit. Thankfully he didn’t come after me. Did I then slow down? Do you know me at all? Of course I didn’t! 

The blue tooth audio was sweet although not quite loud enough. The paddle shifters and the 6th gear kept me entertained for a while but I still prefer a stick shift! Seriously , there is no comparison and thankfully I will be back in my little 5-speed before long!

The highlight of the drive was my first lupine sighting along the highway. Of course I stopped to get pictures thereby bringing an ant back in the car with me. Thank goodness I found him before I started driving and could send him back to his road side home.

I arrived in Bar Harbor in time for sunset and a delicious supper, and to snap a few more lupine pics. Enjoy!


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