The saga continues…

The day didn’t start well. I had to wake up at 5:00, bad enough, only to find that there was no rice miracle – my phone was dead. May it rest in peace.

The day got better when I got to the lobby to see that my driver was already there,thank goodness. Marcus was very nice with a cheerful disposition. In the course of our conversation he told me that the stores were closed on Sunday because it’s the law. I typically think of Germany as a secular, liberal country but their stores are still closed on Sunday. Marcus even called it a “holy day.” Go figure!

I got to the airport to discover that my ticket didn’t include any luggage. I had to schlep my bag back to another counter to pay 60 euros for my luggage. I tried to pay with my Master Card but it was rejected, sigh. I later discovered that I brought an expired version of the card. Oy vey, I’ve got to find more time to prepare for these trips! Thankfully I had another card with me.

My Aid Berlin flight to Budapest was uneventful. Even had an empty seat next to me, that’s like gold these days – it rarely happens. I met an elderly gentleman from Miami; he was going to do a river boat cruise with his wife. Upon exiting the plane, we were thanked and offered a heart shaped Lindt chocolate bar – how sweet is that? Made me want to fly Air Berlin again despite the 60 Euro charge for my luggage.

My Budapest driver was waiting for me upon arrival, thank goodness. It’s not like I could have called this time.

After finding a new phone, I explored the area around my hotel and found several interesting things. Pics to come in a separate post due to quality issues with the hotel wireless-check back for those!

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