Monday in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

My first full day in Sorrento began with the hotel breakfast. I get the feeling this is a small hotel. (Very hard to tell, given its location in the city center.) The breakfast was accordingly small but delicious, with enough “American” food for me. Scrambled eggs, in other words, and not too watery, either. (Always a nice surprise to get “not too watery” eggs in European hotels, at least in my experience.)

Then I met Patty, a local tour guide who took me on a two-hour walking tour of Sorrento. A lovely lady, she had lived in a few places including Scotland, before moving to Italy approximately 20 years ago. Her English was fabulous and the tour was very helpful, enlightening and chock full of local history. When I don’t feel so pressed for time I’ll give you more detail.

She took me through narrow streets with many charming shops. I noted several things as we walked that I planned (and did) come back for later that evening. The stores are open pretty late, isn’t that lovely! J I’m sure my credit card company thinks so. The tour also included free samples – one or two candies and two “shots” of limoncello, which, as basically a non-drinker I found rather nasty and very strong! Turns out that lemons and limoncello are a rather new tradition after the market for oranges, the original tradition, shifted to northern climes such as Spain. Lemons have completely taken over, however, as you can find just about anything “lemon” to buy while orange “stuff” is much more scarce.

As we talked, she helped me plan out the rest of the day and so immediately after our tour ended, I hopped on a bus driving up to Amalfi and then on another to Ravello.

Ravello was simply beautiful. Stunning. And a bit less touristy than Sorrento or Positano and Amalfi. Just a bit. I met a lovely English couple, Clare and Jeremy, on the open-air bus ride up to Ravello. He offered to trade my practically professional, pricey new camera for his point and shoot Lumix. I had to turn him down – he was rather disappointed, lol. I had no idea where I was going in Ravello, but sometimes that’s the best way to explore. I got lots of great pics – check them out in the slide show to follow, when the wi-fi is working better.

I headed back to Sorrento around 5:15, freshened up and went right back out for dinner and shopping. Italian leather, Italian linen, very nice items. Of course I’ll have to buy a suitcase in order to take them home. I will never again pack in just a carry-on. One of several lessons learned already. 🙂

A fabulous day all around!



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