The World is watching US

I thought going to Italy for vacation would mean a much needed break from the awful election campaign back home. But no, almost everyone I’ve met has asked me about the election within about 3 minutes of finding out I’m from the States.

Folks from England, New Zealand, Australia, Italy. Not a single one wanted Donald Trump to win, and several told me the reasons why, ranging from their disapproval of his plans regarding China to his reminding them of Hitler with some of the horrible things he has said over the course of the campaign. They were all very updated with what was happening in the campaign, too, asking about Hillary’s illness. They also asked about why our campaign “season” is so long. I could only tell them that I truly wish it wasn’t!

So choose wisely, America, the world is watching and waiting with bated breath! Let’s not mess this up; we won’t be the only ones impacted by our choice.

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