Friday in Positano

I’ve been home for approximately 24 hours now and enjoying its distinctive pleasures: the company of my kitties, Smucker and Freckle, who clearly missed me; a strong Internet connection, good for posting whatever I want; and let’s not forget my heating pad – one of the items that got sacrificed in the effort (stupid, as I see it now) to squeeze into a carry-on. My lower back is especially grateful for the heat – it’s still a wee bit cranky from  the jolting and jumping during The Hike.

But my mind keeps wandering back to Friday. People often ask me what my favorite experience was from a given trip and I typically can’t narrow down to one thing. On this trip, however, hands down my favorite experience was Friday in Positano.

I did there what I should have done much more of: relaxing in the sun, by the water, with a good book in hand. Seriously! I should have done this at least a few more days – the rest and relaxation would have gone a long way.

I took the boat to Positano, leaving the port in Sorrento at 10:30 to a steady rain.  Like most of my experiences throughout the week, the boat was crowded. I think they sell more tickets than they have seats for. In any case, I got my favorite spot – standing by the railing at the back of the boat. The breeze there had been fabulous on my earlier boat ride to Capri and the view pretty good too. This breeze was rain-soaked but it still felt good. The rain, however, significantly dampened the beauty of my pictures. The water is truly blue in this area of the world so the gray pictures were a bit disheartening.

Arriving in Positano, I immediately walked as far away from the crowded center as I could. That led me to the far end of the beach and a swim club by the water. Despite the rain, the views were fantastic and the swim club looked pretty great too.


I made my way back to the far end of the public seating and found an open seat. The “guy” soon came around for his 12,50 Euro for renting the seat and umbrella for the day. It was the best 12,50 I spent on the whole trip. I’d have stayed in that beach chair until sundown but the boat back to Sorrento left before then.

I took some pictures of my view for the day, dug out my book and settled in for a nice relaxing day away from most of the crowd.


Necessity forced me into the water. (The heat, of course, what were you thinking? 😉 ) I’m so glad it did! The water was refreshingly cool, clean and clear – I could easily see my feet and the smooth stones on the bottom. The water was also gentle, the waves more of an undulation, not a boisterous, pounding surf tossing me about but lifting me up and down with their swell, making me feel buoyant and weightless (if only).

There were very few people in the water at the far end of beach. It was like having a wonderful, large pool almost to myself. It was exactly what I needed after a wonderful but hectic and hot week around Sorrento.

There is something about being in the water that just calms me. It’s relaxing, refreshing, wonderful. I wish I were still there.

A few more pics from Positano for your viewing pleasure…

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