Apple Crisp and the Fire Alarm

After a perfectly lovely last full day in Maine, dinner turned out to be a bit more exciting than expected.

Eating again at Bandaloop – I ordered the chicken yesterday and had to have the mac and cheese before leaving town – I had actually saved room for dessert. Last day in Maine, returning home tomorrow and back to work on Monday – felt like the perfect occasion to treat myself before a return to reality.

I ordered the warm apple crisp served, of course, with vanilla ice cream. I had just received my order when the fire alarm went off. You know the kind: super loud and obnoxious (by design, obviously), only able to be turned off by the fire department after they’ve confirmed that nothing is amiss.

Those at the tables around me immediately started talking about the noise and holding their ears; eating was stopped. Not me, though – I wasn’t going to stop eating. I rarely get dessert and my crisp was warm and the ice cream cold. I was the sole table of relaxed ease, calmly eating my dessert in the chaos that surrounded me. (Okay, it wasn’t very chaotic but it was definitely loud. I was the only one eating, though, unwilling to let my dessert go to waste!)

I found the reaction of the staff and customers rather amusing. While the customers held their ears and wondered what was going on, the staff clearly didn’t know what they should do, at least not immediately. No one showed any intent to leave the restaurant. So much for fire drills…

Soon, however, the staff came around with the word that the alarm had been triggered by a baby pulling the fire alarm. Seriously. No fire, just lots of noise.

Clearly, this wasn’t the baby’s fault in any way. But what inattentive adult let a baby pull the fire alarm? I suspect it was the doting grandfather who had been walking her around the restaurant a few minutes earlier, one shoe missing from the baby’s feet.



Being blissfully single, I really can’t relate and I don’t want to be too hard on the family. I only know this would never have happened in my infancy. My parents would have either 1) not gone out or 2) tasked my older siblings with taking care of me. More likely the first.

But times have changed and parents today are not the parents of yesterday, for better or worse. A little of both, I suspect.

I only hope that the little girl hears the story someday. As the customers at the table next to mine said, this should definitely be a part of her baby book. (Do people even still keep baby books these days? I’m sure they do but very differently than the baby books from my generation.) Anyway, with her tiny fingers or hand she caused a ruckus for an entire block. Because the alarms didn’t only go off in the restaurant, but also in the three adjacent buildings.

After this “exciting” end to the day, I’m exhausted. (More likely because of the all-day outdoor activities than the day-ending excitement.) Off to bed for me!


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