Beautiful Bar Harbor

What I’m about to say is in no way meant as praise for my own photography skills. My skills are decent, I have a GREAT camera (#Canon5DMarkIV) and I’m always working on my art. But looking at these pictures again tonight reminds me how BEAUTIFUL Bar Harbor is. It’s truly unbelievable. Enjoy the pictures and the brief details throughout!


Anthem of the Seas… a MONSTER cruise ship



View from Bar Harbor across to Bar Island



A bit of fall color



Walking across the sandbar to Bar Island

This was Monday – a wonderfully sunny day but windy and very cold. The wind was so strong walking across this sandbar that I was literally fighting to walk across. I had to brace myself at least three times from especially strong gusts. It was wonderful, but I did wish, several times, that I’d brought my hat and gloves with me.


Anthem of the Seas, towering over all other boats

This ship was so big it literally dominated the harbor scene from all angles. A waitress at lunch said it was the 3rd largest cruise ship in the world. A barista at the coffee ship said it wasn’t the largest ship that visited Bar Harbor this year. In any case, it was large and in charge.





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