The Kitten and the Bee

I don’t care if you’re not a big “cat fan,” you still need to see this post! If you love animals or flowers or bees or relatively decent photography, or are just a decent human being, then this is the post for you. 😻🐝🌸

Yes, the shots are all of the same darling kitten from Dubrovnik. But this ISN’T boring because it’s actually an action movie, in stills, of the kitten chasing the bee. Can you spot the bee? It’s in three pics for sure, maybe a fourth…

All commentary is my own, based on what I think the kitty would be saying. The kitten is not responsible for any part of this post.

Enjoy! Share! Promote! Oh, and please pardon the two shots that are a bit blurred.

“Lalala, look at me, I’m a beautiful kitten hanging about all these potted plants. I bet you wish you could pet me, don’t you?”

“What is that funny sound I hear? It’s all bzzzzzz… Wait, I’ve found the source of the noise! It’s a funny little flying thing, buzzing around the plants.”

“Wait, where’d he go?”

“I know he’s in here somewhere. Hey Mr. Buzzy, where are you? I’m waiiiiting.”

Ooh, there he is! Let me swat at him.”

After losing the bee, Miss Kitty kept searching until, soon, she picked up the sound again.

“Oh! He’s way over there! If I can just climb right over these pots…”

“Mr. Buzzy, oh Mr. Buuuuuuzzy (in a sing-song voice), where are you? I know I heard you over here!”

“Okay now, this is getting annoying! Where is that DANG thing?”

“Oh, oh, oh, there he is!

“Hello there, Mr Buzzy! Come on, let’s play!

And the kitten and the bee became friends and lived happily ever after. The End.

Lol, hope you enjoyed the post. Until next one…

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