Wednesday in Budapest 

After a day of sightseeing, I stopped at Prosit, a restaurant in Erszebet Ter, for a late lunch. I went inside because it was a chilly day and I was rather cold from the open-air bus rides. The waiter was handsome but also thoughtful. After I placed my order, during which I was rubbing my hands together briskly to try and warm them up, he brought over a blanket for me. (The ones they have at the outside tables.) Wasn’t that so sweet? I thought it was awesome. 

I ordered a Hungarian Sauerkraut Stew. It was totally delicious and the first time in a long time that I’ve had sauerkraut when it wasn’t New Year’s Day, lol. 

Here are a few pics from today:


View of the Danube from the Citadella


Walking up to Buda Castle


Two Viking Cruise Line boats; river boat cruising is all the rage, apparently – the boats were everywhere


View of the Chain Bridge from Castle Hill


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