Let’s hear it for the boy…

Have you ever noticed how a familiar song can make you feel at home no matter where you are? It’s especially true when I’m in Europe. Today I walked past a bar with the cool Budapest sign (see below) and they were blaring Denise Williams’ Lets hear it for the boy from Footloose. Of course I had to start singing along, quietly – I don’t think anyone noticed. 🙂


Cool sign in front of a bar / restaurant

Toured the Opera House this afternoon. It was truly gorgeous inside. I wanted to go to the opera while was here but I never got tickets. Here is, however, a sampling of some of the decor:


The 2.5 ton chandelier in the theatre


The opening set for tonight’s performance of Othello


A beautiful fireplace in one of the rooms


The ceiling in the main lobby

How long has it been since you’ve seen one of these? And with a pink receiver no less. It appeared to be in working order, too!


The zoo was a bit disappointing. They had lots of animals and many nice enclosures. But I go for the tigers. I lugged my big, heavy lens around to get great zoo tiger shots and that wasn’t possible. There were 5 tigers, but their enclosure was extremely photo unfriendly. Too bad, because they were active and beautiful, of course. These were the best shots from the zoo visit:


Love that the lioness has her paw on the lion while she sleeps

 Just a few more pics from today – some subjects may be repeats of ones shown earlier this week, but it was a blue sky, sunny all day kind of day and it makes for better pics. Enjoy!



It was a steep walk up Castle Hill


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