First Night in Berlin

A few shots, with commentary, from my first evening in Berlin. Enjoy!

Two views of a very cool new building on #kantstrasse, close to the #gedachtniskirche and the #Ku’damm. This was not here, or at least not finished, on my last visit in 2015, and it’s an awesome addition to the cityscape.

The Gedachtniskirche is a fabulous church that sustained significant damage during WW2. This year, the scaffolding (for restoring efforts) is gone from the church itself, but now the closest buildings on either side of the church have scaffolding. It remains a challenging landscape to photograph, but here are my shots from Saturday night.

Here’s a cool “golden hour” shot of the Mercedes Benz and the Berliner Morgenpost buildings.

Finally, a view from my hotel room of the fireworks celebrating my arrival. Just kidding! Don’t know why there were fireworks but the view from my room was truly lovely.

Guten tag!

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