Zoo Berlin

As is my tradition, I spent Saturday morning at the zoo, happily killing time between my early morning arrival and check in time st the hotel. While I ❤️ this tradition, it’s becoming clear that it doesn’t help me in terms of big cat sightings. This is the second time now that I’ve visited and come away with nary a big cat to be found.

But the zoo is still lovely and I got some fabulous images from this year’s trip! (Okay, well maybe not fully fabulous but definitely worth a post.)

The nyala family had a young addition, very cute and somewhat Bambi-like. Had a great shot of Baby nursing, but Papa Nyala photobombed the pic.

I was ‘verboten’ to step off the gravel pathway, so I had to settle for a side view of this little waterfall.

This beautiful butterfly was fluttering around a field of flowers. Flutter by, butterfly 🦋

Here’s a view of the top of Gedachtniskirche through the trees, as seen from Zoo grounds.

This fat and friendly little bird is obviously well fed, living, as it does, so close to the Zoo Restaurant.

I had a few more pics to share but the wifi at my hotel is just not fast enough!

Until the next post, Guten tag!

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