Zoo Berlin, part zwei

Newly arrived in Dubrovnik, I’m testing this hotel’s wireless to see if it’s faster than the one in Berlin. Here, then, are the 3 remaining pics I had planned to post yesterday…

My favorite shot so far of the Elephant Gate, or Elefanten Tor, as they say in Deutschland. I find this shot another difficult one to get without spending lots of time. Only one person in front of the gates, and a lovely, blue-sky day… I’ll take it.

I love how the orange part of these pelican’s beaks just jump right out amidst the white and green.

And here’s another shot I attempt on each visit to the zoo. There’s something about all the ducks 🦆 sitting on the log, and the fountain in the background, that appeals to me every time. I have yet to feel that same appeal after I take the pic. I consider this an ongoing work in progress.

That’s all for now. In case you were dying to know, the upload time here is significantly faster, hurray! I might even post a second time while the uploading is good. 😊

Until the next post…

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